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Taking care of your health is a more simple process than most people realize. Problems occur when cells are not functioning properly. The two causes of this are a lack of proper nutrition and toxins. If you are having any kind of symptoms you need to focus on more good nutrition and removing toxins.

Most people are deficient in more than one nutrient. However, if you are deficient in say zinc here are some symptoms you could have: vision problems, skin problems, emotional problems, memory problems, attention span, learning problems, enlarged prostate, immune suppression and birth defects. All of that from being deficient in just one nutrient!

Toxicity is the other half. Living in the world today you are constantly coming in contact with toxins. Say you have too much mercury in you. Some of the symptoms would be depression, anxiety, hypertension, fatigue, irregular heartbeat, osteoporosis, allergies, asthma, sinus problems, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, headaches, insomnia and constipation!

Just think of how many problems a person could be having if they had a zinc deficiency and had mercury toxicity? That person might be seeing numerous doctors. Each doctor would be trying to suppress symptoms so this person most likely would be on numerous drugs and the drugs would be adding more toxins and creating more nutritional deficiences. Do you see how this is a neverending cycle? With the drugs this person is taking they are even sicker. Be careful of medical tests. Many times the results are wrong. Are you aware that X-rays, medical and dental, are considered one of the leading causes of cancer? The answer to achieve better health is to put the right nutrition into our bodies and to eliminate toxins. It's as simple as that. 

For good health you want to start off by working to eliminate the big four - sugar, flour, hydrogenated oils and dairy. The most important is sugar. Sugar is one of the most deadly poisons we are exposed to on a daily basis. Every time you eat sugar you are doing permanent damage to your body. Sugar wreaks havoc on your DNA, immune system, hormone system, cardiovascular system, nervous system, and cellular health. It ages you. 

In the book "A History of Nutrition" by Elmer McCollum he cites experiments in which animals fed water alone lived substantially longer than those fed sugar and water. Eating sugar is worse than eating nothing!

Every time you eat sugar you are spiking insulin. Excess blood insulin is one of the most devastating things that can happen to you because it not only leads to being overweight but also to heart disease, cancer, dementia and inflammation throughout your entire body. Some researchers believe that insulin may be the single largest cause of chronic disease.

Sugar also throws your hormones into chaos creating imbalances and chronic diseases. High estrogen levels make weight loss nearly impossible. Eating sugar increases estrogen.

Consuming white flour is essentially the same as eating sugar because the body quickly metabolizes it into sugar, thus causing the same problems that sugar does. Americans consume on average 200 pounds of white flour per person per year. Add that to the 160 pounds of sugar per year per person and you can see why there are so many health problems. It adds up to 360 pounds per year of worthless junk food that a person is putting into their body. 

Many people think that puffed grains are good for them. One staple of many trying to lose weight are rice cakes. Be sure to stay away from any puffed grains. The high termperature and pressure used to puff grain alters the molecular structure and makes it toxic. An experiment was done where rats were fed whole wheat or puffed wheat. The rats fed whole wheat lived more than a year while the rats fed puffed wheat died within two weeks.

Most people think that cooked food is healthy. You will feel a lot better if you start to eat more raw foods. When food is cooked at a high temperature nutrients are destroyed so you may be filling up your stomach but you aren't getting much if any nutrition which is the purpose for eating. Cooked food actually suppresses the immune system. After eating cooked food, the blood immediately shows an increase in white blood cells which are our body's first line of defense. Cooked food appears to be so alien that it provokes an innume response. Some cooked foods can take 40 to 100 hours to move through your system. The longer food is in your system the longer it has a chance to rot and release toxins. 

When you understand how much work the body has to constantly do maybe you will start to take better care of it. A chronic lack of even one nutrient causes cells to not function properly which in turn causes disease. It is hard to imagine but more than one hundred thousand critical chemical reactions take place in each cell every second! To perform all of this work takes lots of good nutrition, oxygen and pure water.

You cannot get all that you need from food no matter how good you eat. That is why it is critical to supplement with good quality products. In 1999 the Journal of the American Nutraceutical Association published a study which showed that only 2.5 percent of the commonly available nutritional products studied were both non-toxic and effective. That means that 97.5 percent of the supplements studied were either toxic and/or ineffective. That is why you have to be so careful in buying supplements. You will never find cheap supplements being of high quality. High quality ingredients as well as proper manufacturing processes make good quality supplements more expensive.

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Fitness is critical to good health, including brain health.

Fitness is so important to overall good health. More and more research is showing a connection between muscle strength and cognition. Investigators took a look at more than 900 community-based older people without dementia. They tested strength in 9 different muscle groups. A total of 138 people developed Alzheimer's disease during a follow-up of more than 3 years. They discovered that one unit of muscle strength was associated with approximately a 43% decrease in the risk of Alzheimers disease!

What this means is that keeping yourself fit is critical to overall good health. Good physical health is also important for good brain health. In a study in Germany, exercisers who ran just two three-minute sprints, with a two-minute break in between, learned new words 20 percent faster than those who rested. Getting your heart pumping increases blood flow, delivering more oxygen to the brain. It also spurs new growth in the areas of the brain that control multitasking, planning, and memory. Old science said that the brain cannot grow new cells but this has proven to be false. 

It always amazes me how many people use the allopathic medical system when looking to have better health. This system is not geared towards health and the doctors and nurses are not taught about health. 75% of medical schools in the U.S do not require one single course in nutrition for a medical degree, and the same applies to the science of exercise. In a recent survey of young physicians, researchers found that the doctors they surveyed were less likely to get regular exercise, than others their age not in the medical profession.

Your mind is more powerful than you think it is when it comes to your health.

The first time that I started to really think about how the brain influences our health was when I saw a story about someone with multiple personalities. The main personality was healthy but when another personality took over, the person needed to wear glasses and when a different personality again took over, the person had Diabetes. All of this in the same person, it was just that the personality or way of thinking changed which changed the state of health. Below is some more fascinating information.

Excerpts from "I had it all the time." by Alan Cohen

A trainyard maintenance man went into a freezer car to clean it. When he was ready to leave he discovered, to his dismay, that he had locked himself in the car. When his co-workers opened the car the next day, they found the man's lifeless body. Looking around for clues to his death, they found his handwriting scribbled on the wall: "Cold...Getting Colder...Freezing..." This tragic death was all the more poignant in light of the fact that the freezer unit on the car was not working. The man was frozen not by a machine, but by his mind.

A Course in Miracles tells us, "Illusions are as strong in their effects as the truth." The man in the freezer car was just as dead as if he had been physically frozen. This astonishing incident serves as a powerful metaphor for the ways we hurt ourselves by holding false images about ourselves and our environment. In truth, no one or no thing in the outer world has the power to hurt or save you unless you give it power with your beliefs. Thoughts are things; energy goes where attention flows; thoughts held in the mind produce after their kind.

When I practiced hypnosis, I observed astounding demonstrations of the power of the mind to manifest tangible results. I saw hypnotized subjects develop blisters on their hands at the suggestion of a flame touching them; I watched a yogi pierce his arm with a thick needle, with no bleeding or pain; I saw a two hundred pound hypnotist stand on the stiffened body of a frail elderly woman suspended between two chairs; and I personally walked barefoot over eleven-hundred-degree burning coals.

While such demonstrations belong to the world of show business, they lead us to a crucially important truth: the world we live in is created by the thoughts we think. If a man's mind is powerful enough to kill his body, it is powerful enough to heal it. If you have struggled with a physical pain or illness, the key to your freedom is within you now. Begin to think new thoughts, and you will build the foundation for a new life.
The End

I wonder how many needless deaths their have been because a doctor told a patient that they only had so long to live, or that their case was hopeless, or that there was nothing more that could be done and they should go home and get everything taken care of because death was imminent. Makes you wonder.

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